How to decrypt by "using decrypt text" not decrypt file after I encrypt file to file

How to decrypt text in this file using dec
ID_Encrypted.txt (47 Bytes)
rypt text not decrypt file *** Key is “123”***

Check with these activities

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i can’t copy and paste to
I need example

Check this out

Cheers @Sarttra

this solution use the " Decrypt file " I want using " Decrypt text"

U can write it to a file and read it as a file
With read file and write file activity


Thank you very much, but I can encrypt, decrypt the file, but if I want to use this file to login something, using the file may cause problems. Or is there a better way to protect this? So I want to encrypt, decrypt text instead of files.

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It can be done with the above mentioned activity itself
I m pretty sure that this video will help you in terms of encrypting and decrypting a text m, not a file

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Can you try the following sample? (2.9 KB)