Encountered Error (Could not obtain access token)

Afternoon All,

Has anyone encountered the below error message. Never seen this before. I have a very simple sequence assigning a filelist variable to directory.getfiles(“PDF_Examples”,“*.pdf”). It then fllows into a for each file in the filelist. Running the latest 2022.4.0 version on windows 11 Home, Any ideas anyone ?


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Can you check UiPath assistant is connected and licensed?


Thanks, Assistant says:

“unable to retrieve a license (Please contact your IT department): Could not obtain access token.”

What would be my next steps to fix this.


** I’ve now disconnected from the ORCH and the sequence is running fine now.

Thanks for your help.


You need to contact your Orchestrator admin to allot required license

Once you see the UiPath Assistant as Connected, Licensed then you can able to run your workflow without any issue

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