Enable or disable Orchestrator schedule automatically based on the result of previous BOT's execution result


I am working on an existing BOT which is executed multiple times a day. It actually needs only one successful execution. After the first successful execution, it only runs to check whether the files were already created. I kind-of feel like this is unnecessary and I am checking whether there is a way to enable or disable Orchestrator’s subsequent schedule without manual intervention based on the result of the previous BOT’s execution result?

Is this something that can be achieved?

@loginerror, any help on this question?

Hi @mbalaji1985

I think, given successful execution, you could disable the schedule using the same robot at the end of its process using Orchestrator API.

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Hi @mbalaji1985 - In addition to @loginerror’s suggestion, you might consider Queue triggers. You may have to tweak your process a bit but may be it is helpful in your case. Can refer to article About Triggers for more details.

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Thanks @loginerror. Is there any guide on how to use Orchestrator APIs? I have no idea about it

Thanks @mahesh.kumar . I will explore the option you have suggested, but on the initial understanding, it seems queues work better when there is a chance of overlapping. Do you have any logic on how to go about this ?

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Any samples would do great. I am not able to find enough samples on Orchestrator APIs

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Hi @mbalaji1985

I think @mahesh.kumar suggestion is spot on. You can read more here:

In short - you can set up a Queue Trigger that will start your process when a new queue item is added to the specific queue.
This way your process will only run when there is something to be processed :slight_smile:

Also, you can set a maximum of process that should run simultaneously. If you set the max to 1, it will run only 1 process at a time.

This can be all done with a few clicks via Orchestrator.

Hi @loginerror, My Orchestrator version is 2019.4.4 and I am not able to see any Triggers. Is seems that this option is not available for this version.

This seems to be correct, this is the page in docs about it for your version:

In this case, I suppose you might have to go for the API variant. You can reference our API documentation for your version here:

Thank you @loginerror, this should be very helpful.

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