Enable the trigger automatically

I have a requirement to run the bot for every 8 hours, and should be start from certain date(June 10) i.e official live date. We need to disable the scheduler till June 10. Any possible way to automatically enable the trigger at specific date (June 10). I saw the option “Disable Trigger At” in Orchestrator to disable the trigger at specific date and time, any similar option we have for enabling scheduler?

The problem here is, we can’t login to Orcehstrator from next week as per policy. So we can’t enable the trigger manually.

Thanks in Advance.

Sunil Prabakar C

Hi @Sunil_Prabakar,

Scheduling in orchestrator has an Advanced option - where you can wrute cron expression to schedule.

I have not personally used it - but reading the below page seems - we can use it. Please hve a look at below URL.

I have Found alink where we can create Cron Expression



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