Enable (not install) Chrome Extension Globally

Hello, I am running an unattended bot that I do not have credentials for, but need to run scripts using chrome. The chrome extension has been installed globally on the server, but it is not enabled for the robot. How can I enable the extension for the robot without logging onto the server as the robot to open Chrome?

Hi @atbuttram,
Basically chrome extension should be enabled on each server where robot need to have access.
It is better described HERE.

Anyway it’s worth it as you can set incognito and file path support additionally.

Hi Pablito, thanks for your response. I’m still in a pickle, because I cannot logon to the server as the robot to enable chrome for the robot’s profile on that server. I was hoping there was a way to do that with a script, but I can’t navigate chrome in a script without the extension already enabled. Is there a way the extension can be installed with it defaulted as enabled instead of disabled?

Unfortunately not from what I know. It’s mainly because this setting makes more potential ways of controlling web browser remotely so I guess from security reason it being turned off by default.

We are encountering same type of issue…it is installing ok via Command Line, but it is Disabled by default. We need it to be Enabled, so hoping there is another Command Line that could be executed to Enable it…? Or is there a Group Policy that could do this…?
We have Attended Bots that need to be enabled.