Empty Cells

Hello Lads
I am using for each to join data from 8 columns into one column but I am facing a problem that when the whole cells are empty in the next step the bot is writing the next data in the previous cell and continue and this leads to misalignment with the order
Please could u give me a hand

Check if the cell value is empty or like this string.isnullofempty(cell_value) this will return TRUE if cell is empty else it will return false.

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but still there is a misalignment

Only Col5 value will be empty or any other columns also empty

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any other but i gave you an example

Then check all the columns if all columns contains value then add.

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ok and if not i want to leave it as a blank and continue from the next cell

Yes @marwan992

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still same problem @kalyanDev


Check all cells in one if a condition like this String.isnullofempty(column_value) AND String.isnullofempty(column_value) pleace and place all your columns

still facing the same issue , this is my workflow please have a look

Excel_Filter.xaml (61.8 KB) this is


Use Copy Paste Range activity

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without add data row ?