How to check value in cell is empty

i need to compare two excel sheets ,where one column (certain cell )which doesnt contains any values (empty cell) i need to check whether the cell is empty,if cell is empty then i have to put yes otherwise no any help regarding this?

Hi @priyankavivek

you can use a if condition like this once after iterating through the rows in the datatable with for each row loop
like this

this will check whether the value in the cell in that column in that current row is empty or with value
if this condition gets passed it will go to THEN part of condition where you can pass the value of YES to that particular cell with assign activity
row(“columnname”) = “YES”
OR it will go to the ELSE part and continue with the next row
and pass value as “NO”
row(“columnname”) = “NO”

thats all you are done
Kindly try this and let know

Cheers @priyankavivek


did that work @priyankavivek

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gonna try it now!

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any issues still @priyankavivek

going to finish flow will check now buddy!

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great @priyankavivek
kindly try and let know

still any issue @priyankavivek

no body thats not working


but the output in excell look empty!please help me

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Hi @priyankavivek really sorry for the delayed response
Great…coming to the point
i saw you xaml attached in a new thread you made …i have small query in it,
you have used two for each row loop but , i am not able to see the usage row from the first for each row loop anywhere inside the second the for each row loop…
see all are rows which is from second for each row loop, why do we use a first for each row loop. we are not comparing anything with the first datatable…fine

so my query is which datatable has the empty cell, first or second,
if second datatable has empty rows by now it should have filled the new datatable created with build datatable activity, with value Yes or NO
or if not…if the dt1 has empty cells we need to make changes with if condition

then why do we need to compare two excels in order to fill the data of ONE EXCEL WITH EMPTY CELL, we can directly check that excel alone and find whether it has a empty cell or not and if it has we can fill with Yes or No or any value we want

kindly correct me if i have understood the qurey wrongly
This can be very easily sorted out…but we need our inputs to be clear and precise
no worries, lets sort this out
Cheers @priyankavivek

the csv file used (read csv)which has output as dt2 ,where it contains grn column(which has empty values) i have to put the condition yes if it is empty, otherwise no.

Hmm i think the first row is because of build datatable activity which will be having a row attached in default…
…so thats why the first row comes out with empty row…and moreover i think the dt2 has no empty cell in that column.kindly check that…use a clear datatable activity after you use build the datatable activity and pass the input to clear datatable as op@priyankavivek


OUTPUT this excel is dummy one where it looks like in grn column there are empty cell in it thats what i need to put condition

fine lets do one thing once after reading the csv you are getting the datatable right
lets check whether its creating a new datatable dt2 correctly or not
so once after reading the csv and converting to dt…use output datatable and write line activity to check whether the columnname and its values are aligned properly because i have doubt with this…columnname or indx

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can i see the screenshot of that writeline actvity…are the columnname aligned properly

You can used this MS SQL query in you database table to check value in cell is empty.
FROM tbl_directorylisting listing
WHERE (civilite_etudiant IS NULL)

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