Empty records in excel

Hello lads
I am joining multiple columns when the columns are empty the bot is overriding the empty previous cell with a new value that it should be at the next row
For example line 24 in A column should be empty and the record should be in the 25th row
Could u help me, please?

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Hello @marwan992

Use append range activity inside excel scop i hope it will work for you as expected


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It is not working

@marwan992 if it not working then read the excel column then get the range and write the which you want to write from the range…

Ex: if Column A contains 24 then give the write range from A5 to A+countofdatayouhave

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@marwan992 before appending the range just add new row in dt with - (hyphen)…
like below… (if needed you can remove the row after reading) and when you will append the dt next time… it will append below hyphen row

it should work fine for you…

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could you give me an example for this logic please

Kindly refer the below xaml…

___Main.xaml (11.9 KB)

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