Embed a chatbot in orchestrator

Hello, we would like to have a chatbot in orchestrator website. it would help to answer the most common questions to our clients. Is there any way we can embed a dialog flow chatbot code?.
P.D. the new 2018.3 html customization feature doesn’t allow iframe tag.

Example of what we need.

Thank you. Have a great day

Hi Juan,

From my understanding of Dialogflow you have two options here…

One is to use a custom chrome extension which would give you the ability to have the bot on the screen, the advantage is that its fast to build but the disadvantage is that you have to install the extensions on the end users PC.

Another option is to build a relay app for the bot. You would build the chat front end, pass the text to the bot api, and then send the responses back to the front end. I’ve written about this here:

Just ignore the AI stuff and scroll down to the “Architectural Diagram and Flow” section.

The disadvantage is that it will take a while to build, but the advantage is that you can put that code anywhere, and handle chat errors very effectively. As outlined in the article, there’s other cool stuff you can do by taking this approach too.

Hope this helps.

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@TomDiFulvio Really grateful for your answer. I hope to get some time to test the options and I will post the results.

Havea great day.

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