Email subject based in a Data Table


I’m trying to send a loop of emails based in a data table, the subject for each email is in a determined column, how can I set this for each email?

Also I’m trying to attach a different pdf file based in each row, these files will be stored in the same place.

Data table basically will look like this, please help.

Document Subject Email File
A A - 01 abc A.PDF
B B - 05 sdf B.PDF
C C - 25 asdf C.PDF

Hi @flemusc101

Use Build Datatable Activity
Get outlook mail message
Mail message set variable as
For each item in MailMessage
Document Subject Email File
add data row

Ashwin S

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Hi @flemusc101

Do the following steps:

  1. Create a data-table as per your requirement
  2. Read all the emails that you require
  3. Do a for each loop and find the emails having PDF’s
  4. If this is true, add them to add data-row and store the required info as per the earlier build table
  5. If required you can later save it in an excel file for conveyance :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, Good day :smiley:

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Hi Shubham,

What I’m trying to do is the opposite, im trying to send bulk emails to different addresses, and each email has to contain a file, this file is unique based on the data table, also the subject that these email must contains is unique too.

Thank you!

It can be done in the same way, just read the content from the data-table now :smiley:

And the subject will be read row by row on the basis of the column of the datatable :slight_smile: