Email for multiple recipient


i need to know how can i add multiple people in a config file of frame work to send a mail

for example :;

and the body of the mail should be in html format


hi ,

above attached is the so and so attachment


how do i do it ?



you can use this as config("recepients").Tostring

You can check on the html body checkbox and pass the required code for html body


Hi @Pooja_Kanwar ,

Use Assig activities,

Variable To store - To mail ID

MailTo(String variable) -;

MailBody(String Variable) - “table, th, td { border:1px solid black;border-style:solid;border-radius:10px;}

Hi ,

Above attached is the So and So Attachment.

Thank You.”

In Your send mail activity you can pass this to the fields of Mail Body and Mail To.

Alternatively you can use assets also where you can store above values and using get asset can fetch the values.

make sure you enable the isBodyHTML property of Send Mail Activity.

Hope this helps you.

Happy Automating…!


Hi @Pooja_Kanwar ,
you can store the emails; in config file in settings or can store in Asset and can use in config.


enable IsBodyHTML


hi ,

i am getting this error

This error typically occurs when UiPath is unable to access the Outlook application properly.

is it possible to use Send SMTP Mail Message" activity instead ?

will outlook mail go through smtp ?

Yes it is possible to use sent smtp activity

No. Outlook and SMTP are two different things. I recommend using Send SMTP Mail Message so that you don’t even need Outlook. Note that for Send SMTP Mail Message the list of email addresses needs to be separated by comma not semicolon:,