Email Chain - Specific Text

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In an email chain, if i want to copy specific block of text, is that a possibility? I have been able to extract the body into XLS but i only want a section without the chain’s email address.

Is that possible?

Thank you.

did you tried applying regex??

Sorry, not sure how to go about that. Pretty new at this. :frowning:

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give us a sample of entire text and tell us what you want from that!

Uploaded the txt file.

I’m trying to grab the information "Additional Comments (last three shown) and the FIRST one between the two _______ lines.

Sample1.txt (1.0 KB)

My flow wants to copy the absolute latest comment and post it in an excel to track.

Thank you!

can you highlight the text please so that i can send you solution

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2020-01-08 10:29:55 PST - Tester Forewell Additional Comments
Thank you Pradeep, this is section I am looking for.

@Sample2, Are you able to provide more details on where the Form application obtains the account balances. We are currently blocked.

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