Email body

hello robot masters,
I want to edit my body email to

then forward the messge to the ‘assign to [email]’ how to do it on uipath? thank you.

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Kindly elaborate a bit more on this buddy that would help us to go in a right direction
Cheers @f39b242a4f84ba555bd3

hello robot master,

thank you for replying. actually I want to change the content of email’s body by added these:
image in my email body. and the email will become a thread.

I try to change, but it become like this error image

Below i provide a reference. I hope I can find the answer how to change the body’s email. Thank you & happy automation!

Testing.xaml (20.4 KB)


Actually we have an activity to change the subject of a mail, but we dont have any activity to change the subject as far as I know. But

  1. We can get the body of the mail and store it in a variable of type string and then add the text which you have.
  2. Use reply mail message activity and then pass the same variable in the body.

for example, in assign activity

body = " assign to "

-body (the variable in string)

am i right? thanks!

str1 = "assign to "

str2 = mail.body.tostring

then pass it in the body as str1 + str2


get it! Thanks you for replying