How do you get Uipath to copy tables in a received email to a new email to be sent out

Hi guys!

I’m new to Uipath (1st week learning) and I am trying to improve on a robot designed by my colleague. Essentially, what the robot does (which I am still trying to figure out) is read an email, extract key information such as product risk rating and type, compare it to a list of clients in an excel file, and reroute it to bankers of the affected client, and then draft and forward a personalised version of that email to the banker. My current issue with the robot is that it works fine, however since we copy the body of the email to the new mail in a string format, the table in the original email is somewhat destroyed. Is it possible to copy the body of the email in a format that keeps the table intact.

PS: I’m kind of a programming newbie so I apologize in advance for my basic understanding.

PPS: I’m a new user so I can’t upload the xaml file. But if any kind soul wants to help me out you can reach me by email @

did you tried checking the “IsBodyHTML” option?

Hi Theo, thank you for your reply. The issue here is that I am not forwarding my email, I am getting the robot to reformat the email and send it out, however in doing so, the body of the email seems to get converted to string, and I cannot retrieve the table, it is simply left in string format, which I assume cant be read as HTML. Main2.xaml (65.3 KB)

can you try to add an assign activity before Send Outlook Mail Message?
MailList.Item(intIndexMail).IsBodyHtml = True

may work…

Hey Theo, It doesn’t seem to work. I tried removing all the excess string text in the body and just left MailList.Item(intIndexMail).Body and it did not work as well. Any ideas how I should proceed?

any luck with this? I am also having a table in mail body and looking forward to extract it.