Email based triggeres

Hello all.
How to trigger the bot when I receive outlook message with subject “RPA_Test”
Can I just use the activity Outlook Mail Message Trigger?
Can I also get a sample work flow?


Yes. Can you try it with TriggerScope as the following?


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I tried this Work flow . But the bot is not getting triggered.


What did you write in Actions area? Did you put InvokeProcess etc?

A message box

Was MessageBox shown if the target mail was received?
If yes, trigger is good. Next can you try to put InvokeProcess instead of MessageBox then set process name which you want to trigger.


Mail is received. Message box is not showing up.

But If I run the job from orchestrator , it will wait and shows up the message once I receive the email.

To isolate cause, what if remove filter in subject property?

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I removed the filter but it still not triggered.
Main.xaml (9.8 KB)