Email Trigger to start a bot

Hi! I’m working with the “Outlook Mail Message Trigger” activity, and the bot isn’t running. I’ll attach an image from the activity.

And I’ll also attach one form the properties
The open function doesn’t even work. Any help is highly appreciated

You need to check the value of variable “vTestEmail”, which should be an email address in your Outlook account like “”. You can refer to my screenshot below.

Thanks for the response, initially
Yeah, within my vTestEmail I have 2 emails set as string variables and the way I acquire said variables is by reading a XML File, my emails aren’t Outlook emails per se, they company emails. Do you think that’s why the activity isn’t detecting them therefore why they aren’t starting?

It its noted that your company email doesn’t need to use domain “”. However, you must use Outlook application to access email account in order to use the activity “Outlook Mail Message Trigger”, which only works with emails in Outlook.

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