Email Automation with Studio - Practice 2 Send Emails, question about the DataColumn Object

I’m going through the second practice problem of Email Automation with Studio (UiPath Academy), and was looking through the solution provided with it. I do not understand what is happening with the formula to pull the range to write the ID formula. The solution provided is giving a different row count than I would expect. The Excel file provided has 11 rows, but the formula used DataColumn.ToString.Length.ToString gives 15? But DataColumn itself is only claiming 11 when I look at the results in the immediate pane while debugging? Why is the formula adding 4 extra rows?

Hi @matchett.joshua

Datacolumn.tostring.length gives the length of system.object

Please try datacolumn.count.tostring


Hi @matchett.joshua

IF you need to check the Rows Counts of the datatable


To Check Column Count .



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