Email auto track and reminder

I am a beginner to uipath.I have an idea to track those email that have no replies and sent 3 auto reminder to them.After the 3rd reminder, the robot will generate a list of unreplied email for my further action.Would appreciate any assistance on this.

But always there will be only 3 unreplied mails right?

Dear Sir,

There is a list of email to be sent out to several difference recipient and I would like to keep track whether they have reply to my
email. If they have not reply then I would like to sent reminder to them . If the 3rd Reminder have been sent and still did not have any reply, I would like a list those unreplied email to be generated for my next course of action.

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Hi @ChengYee ,

Can you clarify the information that you’re looking for? Are you asking for the logic on how to do that or are you asking more for how to connect to email and read subject lines etc.?

Logically, the emails would need to be identified by some sort of unique text, such as a ticket number. Then you would probably filter on the subject and get a count of the emails in the inbox or some folder that the emails go into. After a period of time, if the count stays a certain number, you would send the appropriate email for that situation.

You could look into IMAP connections, POP3, connections, Exchange scopes, outlook activities etc. In order to better help you, could you provide us with more details on the help that you need?




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First how do i connect email and read subject line on the email that have been sent out.
How do i assign ticket number to my email? Can you help me by providing sample of workflow on my cases? I am a beginner on uipath.Have an idea to automate the email tracker response and sent reminder whenever no response from receiver.