Email automation - read replies

Hi All,

I am trying to create an email automation below:

  1. Send email to four different parties with excel templates attached
  2. Wait for all four parties to return the excel template and consolidate the four excel into one excel.

Exception: one or two party may not reply email.

Question: How can Uipath knows that all four email have been received and proceed to next step? I know UiPath can read new email and download attachment, but how ca UiPath knows if all four email accounts have replied already? I am new to uipath and thanks for your help.

When you receive the email you can have for each mail and inside there if condition as mail.sendermailId.equals(“MaildIDOfSender”) and then check if you have received the mail from that sender. This applies for all other senders also.

Does this help you? Please let us know.

Pavan H

Thanks, it helps. I will check first.

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