Email Approve and Reject Validation

Hi Any suggestions

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Hey @Vincent_Nuestro,

Could you please explain what does your approve or reject hyperlink has behind it.

Like what will the behavior if I either approve or reject.

This will help in better understanding.



if the approver click the Approve link this will show.

If the approved click th reject

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Hi @Vincent_Nuestro

Thanks for helping me to understand.

So, you also need to append the request id or no (234632) in the approved or reject mails to track it.

If you do this change to the behaviour, now your subject looks something like this

Request Approved - 234632


Request Rejected - 234632

So when your bot read the mails it will understand that the user approved or rejected a specific request which is #234632 in this case.

You can write it in excel in further steps.

Hope this helps you.