Else condition pass to CATCH?

I use Condition Activity.
But If goes to ELSE , I want to run follow flow in ELSE and goes to CATCH.

Please guide me about it.

Hi @fairymemay

Can you elaborate a bit

@nikhil.girish If condition go to else (run all process in Else) and next step go to CATCH for work.

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Oh you don’t want that outlook part to work too?

Kindly use a throw activity after that outlook activity , in case u need that outlook to execute

And in expression mention like

New BusinessRuleException (“your customized message”)

@nikhil.girish I have a question.

I have 2 invoke workflow (sequence).

If I in first invoke go to ELSE condition ----> throw
But If I want go to second invoke for check same.

How to setting ?

Hi @fairymemay

Can you please help to elaborate a bit on the second invoke sequence you have.

Thanks in advance.

So here in that case logic will differ a bit …if you could share us a screenshot of design you had done

We can guide you

Thanks @fairymemay

@nikhil.girish @suraj.setty Now my flow as below.


Invoke A

If run in invoke A end.

Go to invoke B

Hi @fairymemay

In this case if you want “Invoke A” to go to Catch block , you can keep “Invoke B” in the finally block of the try catch , which will be executed after the Catch block.


Hope this helps.

Ok so for example if 1 st invoke code goes to else you need to throw

And then check for 2 nd invoke too right @fairymemay

In this case instead of throw we can use something called ADD TO Collection activity
Which doesn’t throw exception right away but will add it to collection and later we can throw after completion of both invoke


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@nikhil.girish Can you sample flow to me?

Hi @fairymemay !

Let me see if I understood your problem

You want to Run:

  • Invoke A
  • Invoke B

But …When you you are running Invoke A and it goes to the else the process end and it doesnt go to B. Right?

I can see that you have 2 catches. So I am guessing that when it goes through the else your throw is generating another exception for this reason is not going through the catch part. You need to check what exception are you throwing.

@carmen When you you are running Invoke A and it goes to the else the process end and it doesnt go to B. Right? // Yes

Can you guide me about it?

well … Could you show me in a Screen Shot the properties of your Throw activity?

@carmen Activity Throw as below.

So that is your problem … you can take this for reference …

But you should add that SystemException in your Catch

@carmen Yes . I have in CATCH

I am not following your logic, Sorry. But I suggest you to take a time to read about how works Throw Activity.

Maybe someone else can help you.

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