How to continue the process when business rule condition is met

Hi Team

I have taken throw activity to throw the business rule exception and exception is caught by the catch block but the execution is getting stopped, there are few more records in excel file to validate but the execution is getting stopped once Business rule exception condition is met.

how can i continue the remaining process.

Hi @T_Y_Raju

Can you please let me know if the Throw Activity is being used in Catch block?


Please Use the “Throw” activity in “Try” block and you can have log message in “Catch Block”, so you can continue with the Process flow.


throw activity is used in try block and when BE condition is met …its coming in try block where i have logged a message and after that bot gets stopped

doing the same but when bot comes in catch block it just display message and bot gets stopped

@T_Y_Raju If you are using Re-Framework this might not happen. Did you loop back(Something like below)to the step where you want to continue when the exception occurs?

Hi @T_Y_Raju

Try to use Continue activity



Hmm this will not happen unless you run in Debug mode

Make sure you are running in normal mode

In studio design tab click on the drop down near to Play button and click on run project not the Debug button

Give a try and let us know if it’s getting failed

Cheers @T_Y_Raju