Can any tell the exact function of element scope activity?

when and how to use it?

Hi @varshithareddy,
Have you checked official documentation?

hi @Pablito
yes i have gone through the activities guide. but i didn’t get clarity over that.

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I guess you are familiar with ‘Attach Browser’ activity? Attach browser is something that helps you gain the ‘handle’ of an already running open session of a browser using the UiBrowser element or the window title or a uiElement scope…

It is the exact same with element scope. You have an element that is available/open/active or you know that element will be open/active within a scope using your business case scenario.

Using this knowledge you create/attach that scope and do all actions required in that scope.

For your example :slight_smile:

The blue circled is the selector that will be cascaded to all the UiElement actions that you house in the container.

Simple as that :slight_smile:


A container that enables us to attach to an existing UI element and perform multiple actions within it.

hi @Raghavendraprasad,
Thanks its working,
one more doubt can you please clarify?

In this element scope ‘Do activity’ can we pass only one activity or as many as we want

one more thing, Is the type into and the element scope are the same?
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varshitha reddy


You can pass any number of activities as far as it’s DOM Path doesn’t change (the XPath expression generated by Uipath using the selectors)

Type into is an activity in itself, nothing similar to element scope. Scope is a container type of thing but type into actually carries out an action.

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hi @Raghavendraprasad,
As you said that, type into is not similar to element scope that in the element scope we cant select the more than one text box at time right ?

same thing is going to happen with the type into.

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varshitha reddy

Hi @varshithareddy,

I am unclear as to what your query/doubt is.

Element scope allows you to do a series of operations on a uiElement whereas type into is a single activity.

Please elaborate what the issue here is…

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hi @Raghavendraprasad,
can we select multiple text boxes in a single element scope activity?

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varshitha reddy

No @varshithareddy,

I think you are still unclear about how element scope works.

Let us say you have a box of puzzle pieces and you build a portrait using that. You can’t possibly build something else with those pieces.

In the same way uilement can morph into anything with this scope but not other elements. The DomPath should remain the same but the status can change through any actions that you pass.

Hope this makes it clear.

Answer : No. Multiple check boxes will have different Xpaths, so you can’t access everything in a single scope.

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yeah, Thank you @Raghavendraprasad
Now i got a more clarity on element scope by this example.

Glad it helped. close this marking a solution.