Element was copied instead of moved when the original elements cant be deleted. error

Hello I am trying to make the robot look for a specific pdf in mail and then move the read email to a folder in my outlook after its been collected information. WHen the email has been moved and read i want it to extract the informaiton from the pdf and store it in a folder.

But its causing a error where it says "Element was copied instead of moved because the original element cant be deleted. Cannot delete element. The original element is moved or already deleted, or you dont have access.

Thanks in advanced



Yes, but the weird thing its that. Its been moved but its making a copy. So in the outlook folder i have two copies of the mail.


as you see here there are 2 emails, so it has been moved to correct folder in outlook, but its been made a duplicate of the email

We are facing the same issue, is there anyone who found a solution to this problem ?

anyone got the solution?

Did you find a solution to it?