Element not found on sap

Hello all,

I want to click on page right button, but it is not working element not found on SAP application
ANy one have idea how we click on Page right (my I add attach window? because now i put it on cv scope

THank you
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Hi @nora_ziani Did you try with Click Text activity to click on Page Right

Hi @nora_ziani,

  1. Drag and drop the “Attach Window” activity from the “UiPath.Core.Activities” package onto the workflow.
  2. Click on the “Indicate window on screen” button to select the SAP application window.
  3. Once the window is indicated, you can use the “Click” activity to click on the page right button.
  4. In the “Click” activity, make sure to select the correct selector for the page right button. You can use the UiExplorer tool to inspect the SAP application and find the correct selector.
  5. If the page right button is still not found, you can try using the “Find Image” activity to locate the button based on its image. You can use a screenshot of the button as the input image for this activity.

I hope this helps!


To start with try recording the step of clicking on page right…then we can try modifying the selector properly to fit the need