Element Exists Catching Wrong Item

I have a feeling I know the answer to this but I am going to ask anyway. Does the Element Exists activity just look for the shape of the element, or does it read the element also? I have a workflow where it needs to handle 3 different popup messages. However 2 are the same size and the output is reporting that it found the wrong of the 2 that are the same size. Let me know if this makes sense. TIA

Hi @jpreziuso,
I think you are right. Element Exist activity is working based on image recognition (without OCR). So this might cause the problem.

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Hi @Pablito and @jpreziuso,

Are you sure you are talking about Element Exists activity ? It may be that I’m misunderstanding the question but the activity seems to be selector-based image

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Heheh you are right :smiley: Sorry for my mistake. I was reading “Element exist” but thinking “Image exist” :smiley: Probably @jpreziuso mean the same, but not sure :smiley:

Yes I am talking about Element Exists. I selected the images to be used as the selector. I just looked and the two different pop ups have the same selector. I believe because they are the same size. Any good idea of how to make the selectors more specific?

The element exists activity is based on the selector of the item and not the shape or size of it.

I’m guessing some of your popup messages are displayed in the same popup box which means that they may have the same selectors when they occur.

If you want to react differently to each popup then you could use an element exists then use get text to identify which popup is displayed. Then you can progress as appropriate.


@Pablito No problems :smiley: Can happen with the multitude of activities :smiley:

@jpreziuso Actually selectors are not dependent on the “visually visual” layer (well at least most of the time) so you can have two identically shaped and looking controls with different selectos.
You’ll need to compare the three popups in UI Explorer and come up with a selector that will match them all.

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