Element exists action to set variable to true

I am trying to use the element exists activity to set a Boolean value inside its output to ensure a successful log in attempt.

however I get an error that says “compiler error encountered processing expression “successfullLogin = true”. Invalid L-value expression”

What does this mean am I using the activity incorrectly?

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The Element Exists activity passes True to a variable if the element was found, or False if the timeout period passed without the activity finding the element. The parameter should be a boolean type variable and nothing else. In your case, I’m guessing that’s successfullLogin.

You check what the value is after the activity has run and not within the output argument. This is done in an If statement after the Element Exists activity.

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You dont put the = inside there, you can put just the Boolean variable.

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as the image itself implies that the output property of an activity can take only a variable and not a expression
here it takes only BOOLEAN variable as input
so mention either like this successfulllogin
as Truesnipp

But it must be a boolean variable

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