I'm learning the selectors, I got an error, can you help me?

Hello there
I’m learning about the selectors and my training is on the output exists option
Set Var: I get a warning when I type


delete all for the panel type STRG+K, and create a new varoiable

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Hello @Ali_Emre_GOK

Here you need to create the variable and not the condition.

You can create a boolean variable and use it inside this activity. or you can use “ctrl+k” and create a new variable.

Then you can use that boolean variable in a if condition to check the existance or not.

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thank you so much


Welcome to uipath forum

To be very simple, do the below steps

  1. Click on that activity
  2. Click on property panel
  3. Click Exists field
  4. Press ctrl+k
  5. Now just type as bool_exists
  6. Press enter

A Boolean type Variable will be created

Cheers @Ali_Emre_GOK