Element Existing


I am facing attached error for element existing activity in Modern activity.

Request you please help for the same

Hi @Navnit_Ghadigaonkar

You are using Computer Vision Element Exists activity, which needs to be used only inside a CV Scope. Pease use the ‘Element Exists’ activity.


Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

@Navnit_Ghadigaonkar Its Computer Vision package Element Exist Activity. For this you can put inside scope.
For Browser just use Simple Check Up state

Element Exist acitivity is not avilable in Modern Design so how i will get the same


In new version its check up state


left side see check up state is present.
Check up state is combination of if statement.
If I talk about element exist its return only True/false after that we put a if condition.
In check up state if statement is already present.


Thanks Sir for your Help