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For the 2018.1 XPack integration, do I need to purchase XPack license seperately?

Hi Andy,

It depends on your needs. Please find the details on their website:

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Is there a move to have X-Pack included as part of Orchestrator license purchase? All clients express a desire to include this.


X-pack is Open-source now http://go.elastic.co/o03MB00tK00yyM1JIMApZe1

The Details

What does this mean, technically?

As of the 6.3 release, in the $PRODUCT (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash) repositories:

  • All existing Apache 2.0-licensed code maintains the same license, nothing changes.
  • We will create a new X-Pack folder, and move the x-pack-$PRODUCT code into that folder under the Elastic EULA allowing for some derivative works and contribution.
  • We will change the top-level license to a simple Elastic License that details that some files in the repo are Apache 2.0 and some are covered by an Elastic EULA.

Also, X-Pack features will now be bundled into the default distribution. All free features are included and enabled by default and will never ‘expire’, and commercial features are opt-in via a trial license. The license for free features never expires,you no longer need to register to use these capabilities. In addition to this, an Apache 2.0-only distribution will be created for download.

More information, and an FAQ, can be found on the Opening X-Pack page.



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