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Hi All,
I am using a edit grid in that within the form created via Create From Task, I checked the full schema for the edit grid but I do not see the row count property. As it is an edit grid I can’t use the datatable rowcount as well as it could change based on user action. Is there a way to get this rowcount and display it to the user?

Are you using apps for this?

nope @Arvind_Kumar1 , it is Create Form Task.

Hi @Vishal_Kalra ,

I was trying to do this myself for a while and manipulating the JavaScript form components and trying to use the data variables within the form.

It seems that I was able to find out to dynamically update a Text Field component with the Row Count value as the Edit Grid rows are added or removed.

  1. I did introduce a logic in the text field component in the below way.


  1. I got result during the execution as below:

Whenever you add or delete a row in Edit Grid, the value gets updated in the Total Rows field.

Below is the example workflow:
Forms_EditGrid_TotalRowsDisplay.zip (4.4 KB)

Although, I have checked this with Forms attended Activity and not the Create Form Task activity, but the same methods should be applicable to it as well.

Let us know if the method mentioned doesn’t work.

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Thanks @supermanPunch . This works great!

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