Custom activity to update the specific content of the queue item

Hi team ,

I want to know if there is any custom activity or any easy way to update the specific content of the queue item without calling the API for orchestrator update.

I want to update one queue item field of every item and calling API and passing the entire body of 20 queue item fields per queue item is not a practical solution for just one queue item field update.

Suggestions please.


Hi @gokul1904,

single changes are possible within the queue. There you can download the JSON file, adjust it and then upload the JSON file.

For bulk changes you can use the orchestrator https request. And there you can create a process to change several queue items.
Swagger UI ( - queue items

Hi @PeCour thank you for the response.
Can you elaborate on how we can download the json file and what is the medium to upload for single changes.

Hi @gokul1904

Go to queues and to the transactions. Wait until the transaction is not in progress anymore. Then you can edit / clone it.

Edit the transaction. Download as JSON. Open the JSON file with your text editor or notepad. Then upload JSON and override. That should work.

Thank you.

Is there any activity through which we can implement this and automate this in uipath?

Well, you could do it via orchestrator http request. Get all queue items (with filter). Read the JSON. Change the JSON. And upload the queue items.

Or instead of HTTP request you can use get queue items.Then change them in your workflow and finally bulk add queue items.

I do not have any other ideas.

Have a look here at 1 of some more discussions about this topic

With a further research you will cross Options / Limitations with the ORC API, but also that this topic has some more constraints which are to balance e.g. for an activitiy design