Edit Selector variable not in current scope

Original selector i want to replace all numbers:

webctrl id='80:_0'

i use a combination of wildcard to replace the “80” and a variable called “index_ofList” to replace the zero numbers inside an Edit Selector activity. It is giving me a “variable or argument is not defined in the current scope”…why is this happening since my variable is in the top-most main box encompassing all the sub-boxes ? in short, it is global in scope already.

my code below and the screenshot of the problem below, how do i fix this problem?

<html app='chrome.exe' title='SuccessFactors: Candidates' />
<webctrl id='*:_addButton' tag='BUTTON' />
<nav up='1' />
<webctrl id='*:_{{index_ofList}}' tag='INPUT' />

HI @byewiper

Have you run the process? It is throwing error ?



As I think it’s a bug, I raised the following bug report. It might be fixed in the future.


Hello - Has there been an update to the situation on this bug? I am having the same issue.