Edit Excel?


I am trying Bold header rows in Excel.

Is it possible to edit Excel during creation?
Wait for Excel to be created > Open Excel > Edit?

For now my logic is…
Excel Application Scope (I provide path and file name) >
Write Range (“Sheet 1”, “A1”) [details from datatable are written] >
Do I (Send Hotkeys) here? [I tried but hasn’t worked yet]



I think you need select range before you send hot key in your logic.

Also, I have 2 way to recommend.
1st . Create macro to edit your excel format
2nd. Create formatted Excel as template, copy it and paste your data.

I prefer 2nd one.


Hi @dshrim

There are different ways of doing it as @Jumbo mentioned. What my concern is, when using excel application scope, sometimes the excel file opens in the background… at that point, if you use hot keys it will not work because the excel window is not active. So, if you are using hot keys in excel, you have to make sure the window is open and active as well.

So, rather than handling that, I would also agree to the second option given by @Jumbo. We can always use a template and add the data to that file. It would be a much easier and a standardized way of doing it…

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Thanks guys, I think I have an idea on how to make my Excel look pretty and readable.

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