Edge, switching to new tab with unknown url

Trying to build an automation where once I click something on a website after a search for reference number it opens a new tab and I then need to scrape data from this tab. Issue is that the new tab will have a different URL for each reference number from input data. URL after click does not have reference number in it or anything discernible in order to make it dynamic using variables so just adding another use app/browser not working as I do not know what URL will be for each reference number. Any suggestions on other options?

Before when you are doing this try to get the attribute of that element and see which attribute holds the url as value
Simply try to click on it with a click activity and see the selector of that activity and chexk whether it has the url as any attribute

Use GET ATTRIBUTE activity and get the url values attribute
Now use that url and open with use browser / application activity or open browser activity

Cheers @MattDuncan