Continuing Automation in New Tab - Chrome

I know that there are a few threads related to this but I couldn’t find a clear cut answer to this.

I’m trying to automate the newly opened tab within my “Use Application/Browser” Activity, I’ve already nested another “Use Application/Browser” Activity within it but I’m not idea how to configure it as the new tab generated has a unique URL with the same page title. Please advice

hi @WilfredNg

you can use the url attribute in the selector with wildcards or variables if you know where these unique identifiers are gonna show in URL.

Is there any documentation I can read up on this? Is it within the UI Explorer? I’ve no idea what do you mean by wildcards or variables.

But here’s an example.

New tab - /ListView/

Hi @WilfredNg

You can check it out on this page:
Studio - Selectors With Wildcards (

Just to confirm, in this case do I’ll use it like this?

In the case where if what comes after the SListView/ is a unique number?

correct, that way if anything comes after SlistView the selector would be able to handle them.

Using this for the URL selector doesn’t seem to work -

It will return back to the original tab when it’s trying to run the next activity