Microsoft Edge tab identifier

Hi All,

Need your help on this. I have a workflow which will first open a link in Edge, then after click on one of the link within, the website will force open another new tab in the same edge window. Then I will need to login from this new tab.
I tried using the output (UiBrowser) in the Open Browser activity, but it didn’t have any value output, hence, my next activity unable to perform as it cannot find the element to interact. Besides, i tried using UIExplorer to get the selector, but seems like uipath get as a single Edge together with other tabs, not only the selected.

Do anyone else have this issue? how do you resolve this?


Welcome back to uipath foru

Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Use a GET ATTRIBUTE activity and click on that button that opens the new tab and get the attribute url or any attribute that gives us the url of the new tab getting opened
    Save it in a string variable named strurl

  2. Avoid click activity and just run that go to url activity which will open that url in new tab

  3. Then you will be able to access the elements in it

Cheers @leewaikit

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thank you very much on your revert, i tried your suggestion on get attribute, but found that it is the java script instead of a working url link, will it still work?
Besides i can’t find “Go To URL” activity.

Searched online, found that it is in this UIAutomationNext package, but i am not able to find this package while i “Manage Package”, any idea?