Edge Extension Installation Error: Microsoft Edge browser not detected

How to resolve when Edge Extension Installation error is observed while installing Edge extension: "Microsoft Edge browser not detected" ?

Eventhough the Edge browser was installed on system.

The Edge Extension Installation error has two root causes:

CAUSE 1: For Edge Legacy, this error occurs when Edge web browser  is installed on the Operating System whose version is less than Windows 10 versions 1803.Refer Extension for Edge

Upgrading the OS to Windows 10 versions 1803 or above should resolved this issue. If further issues are observed then follow the steps given at Edge Extension

CAUSE 2: If installation of the newer Chromium Edge is attempted then the issue is because one of the following minimum conditions are not met:

  1. Studio v19.10.5 or v20.4
  2. UiAutomation v19.11.3 or v20.4.x
  3. Make sure that an official version of Edge Chromium is used (not Beta)