Dynamic variable as selector


I have a dynamic variable {{Name}} in selector.
In variables section I assigned default value to Name as “Kitty”

I have an array namesArray = {“Mitten”, “Jasper”}

For each Name in namesArray
I am clicking on the element using Dynamic selector. It is not working. The value it is looking for the default value Kitty.

Please suggest what is going wrong?

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Inside for each did you reassign thw variable name with the new array values?

Ideally you ahould do name = currentitem


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Hi @A_Learner ,

Is Name the iterative instance from For Each activity or is it a separate variable ?

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For each Name in NamesArray.

Name is an iterative instance.

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Thanks!! Works like a charm.

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@A_Learner , Then according to your statements you have two instances with the same name.

Keep the Iterative instance as CurrentItem and then assign the value to the Name variable created using an Assign activity.

Name = CurrentItem.ToString

Thank you @supermanPunch
This is the solution.
Thank you @Anil_G


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