Dynamic value for aaname

I am trying to pass the dynamic value to aaname for the following table, so that it should click the link one after the other as shown.

my code is as below


when i pass dynamic value to above, it is showing error as selector not found exception.

Please help.

your code is not visible.

just a minute

Please find the attached code

Please find the attached screenshot of code also

Usually for dynamic selectors we use variable
ex: take assign activity assign your selector to variable then place the variable in edit selector box

hope this works

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Thank you i will try and let you know


I tried assigning selector as below, still it is not woking

Then i used this variable directly to click activity, but same error selection not found.

clear those spaces in between. Usually it creates problem.

Ok, i will try

even i tried removing spaces between.same error i am getting.Clear

appNo is of what type?

its string type.

Thank you its working.

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