Dynamic Type Into Activity

Hello people,
I’m having a problem inserting data into a form.

First of all, I will make available my uipath file and the html test form file here: forms_test.zip (24.3 KB)

I would like to capture the value of the left textbox (BCU302), go to the spreadsheet, get the corresponding value and throw that value in the textbox on the side.
Then, go to the bellow textbox (BMA1038803) and do the same process, until it complete the 3 textboxes and fill in their corresponding textbox values on the right.

The whole process of capturing the correct data from the spreadsheet I am managing to do, but I cannot insert them in the respective fields of the form, cause I can’t find a way to do a dinamic Type Into Activity. :frowning:
Can someone help me?

hey @req7
where do you get the FORMS TEST from??