Dynamic sheet read in workbook read range

hi all,
i have excels which contains sheet1,sheet,sheet3 etc. so i want to get dynamically sheet name and read the excel. But showstopper: i want to read only one sheet which contains data either its sheet1 or sheet2.
i tried excel scope
read range
for each in item
but it will read all sheet which i don’t want. is there any way to get specific dynamic sheet

Hi sayali rokade,

if you are not confirm data is In which sheet
Then I think you have to go sheet by sheet the same way you are doing


a sheet has a name.

So go with what you gat.
In your for each item loop build an if/then

if sheet.name (or item.name) = target sheet: read it.

ya but some sheets are black hence it will give an error in my flow for read range

ya but sheet are dynamic na .sometimes data is in sheet2 sometimes in sheet1 .what name should i gave.pls share sample if u have for better understanding

I tried ur if condition but showing name is not string member


After reading workbook sheet name in for each use an if condition


keep then part empty or continue in else part read range and break activity


use try catch inside for each in try block use read range and pass item
in catch block give continue