Sheet that always changes the name

Hello, I have to read a spreadsheet, but the sheet will always change the name, how can I automate it, can anyone help me?
look at the examples below.

Thank you!!

If you are using Excel Application Scope: Output a Workbook variable e.g. myWorkbook.
myWorkbook.GetSheets returns an IEnumberable of all the sheets found, if only one sheet or you want the first sheets name: myWorkbook.GetSheets.First returns a string representation of the sheet name.


I’m using Excel Application Scope, and I’m reading the worksheet with the Read range, but the Sheet always changes the text


With each new worksheet, Sheet changes its name, and I need to know how to read it.

Hi Bro,
You open the excel workbook and use get text to get the sheet name and save it in a variable and use that in the sheet place. I know this is not ideal or optimized solution but it might work . let me know if it is useful.

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In the Application Scope activity’s properties there is Output which returns Workbook type, use that and do as i mentioned in the earlier post.

Hi @Almeida,

Check this sample