Dynamic selectors - website


I want to dynamically extract the table from this website: “Economic Calendar

I’ve noticed a change in pattern in the selector everyday:
Monday: < webctrl id=‘daily-cal1’ tag=‘TABLE’ />
Tuesday: < webctrl id=‘daily-cal2’ tag=‘TABLE’ />
and so on…

Is there a way I can dynamically extract the data?


@bhe98, identify attributes which are getting changed and use wild cards for them.


Kindly replace that part of dynamic value of attribute with wildcards like *
Cheers @bhe98

I tried but it doesn’t extract the table anymore after I changed

Can I have a view on full selector if possible
Cheers @bhe98

Actually, this works too:
< webctrl tag=‘TABLE’ class=‘table dfx-calendar-table tab-pane fade active in’ />

However, it changes to “in active” sometimes


then use < webctrl tag=‘TABLE’ class=‘table dfx-calendar-table tab-pane fade*’ /> @bhe98

This will help you to make your selector dynamic.

it extracted the wrong table as there are 6 tables and the one I want is the one that is active

Hi @palani i have to extract CEO name of the different companies search like Infosys CEO , Google ,IBM ,dell in www.google.com.2 after getting the names of CEO I have to put into Excel sheet like column A should be company name and column B should be CEO name plz send me the work flow of this task.

Hi @Samm

Have you attempted to create a workflow to accomplish this task yet?

I Have same issue Please Tell me how to do.