Dynamic selector to select a folder

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I am trying to click the folder whose name is varying according to the date_value. But I was not able to achieve it. Can anyone suggest me to how to give the selector to done the same?>


May I know what you want to do after opening the folder ?

I had same files inside that folder for the purpose of retrieving some data.


Could you show me screenshot of that folder names. So that I can tell you how to read the files without opening folder and all.

In this case the path is dynamic in the way, I have to choose the year folder(eg:2019), inside it I have to choose the month folder(eg:DEC), and then the Date folder(eg:24), beside which the file exists.

The initial page image is

Second page is

Third page is


Then try this one. It will read all files from that folder.

  arrFiles [] = Directory.GetFiles("Parent FolderPath"+"\"+Now.ToString("yyyy")+"\"+Now.ToString("MMMM")+"\"+Now.ToString("dd"))

Now I got the files from those folders.

Thanks @lakshman

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