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How do I go about setting up a selector on a dynamic folder that has not type into capability? See attachment. I once had it work, then as files within my ‘Browse For Folder’ changed, it broke as the selector went to a position and not the file name. I don’t know how to find the specific file…UiPath

If it helps, here is what I get when I try to select the selector. Also to note, the specific folder name is stored as a variable as there is a loop to work through many folders. I just don’t know how to call a folder by a variable in a selector at all. Thanks again.


Hi Scott, out of curiosity, do you need to select the folder like that? If your goal is to open a folder and select a specific file you could use assign and for each to do it. Here is a another thread with an example: Open PDF files in folder - #10 by kirtiSagar

Yes sir, I need to select the folder not open it. The folder I need to select is always going to be inside the ‘EPVSLoad’ folder though, which is always going to be on the desktop.


If you’re trying to open the folder an easier way to do this might be to use the Run Application to open the folder

Open Application - Run
Type Into - Folder Location + [enter]

Are you selecting it from another application? If possible please share a little bit more detail about the use case.

TY Jarzzz, but I am only trying to select the proper folder, not open it.

Artur, yes I have the bot opening an application to run. This application needs to select a folder on my desktop, (‘EPVSLoad’), with more folders within. It selects the folder and the application does its own process with the items inside the selected folder. I am just trying to select these folders in an order passed to me via a variable. In the pic above, the first folder it would be selecting is the folder 85119323001. Afterwards it would go back in and select the folder 85119323002, etc…I hope this helps with a little more understanding of what I need. Now, I just need to figure out how to write the selector to select the appropriate folder using the variable passed to it.

Well, I have figured out how to pass the variable to select the folder, however I have found another issue I hope someone could help me with. As a human I can click once on the file named EPVSLoad and the folder stack will show the folders inside, as seen in the picture. However when I use a

click activity for the EPVS Folder, all it will do is highlight the folder and not open to view the folders inside. As shown here:

Disregard, a delay added to the activity corrected my issue. Thx for all your help!


Awesome! Well done dude

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