Dynamic Selector issue - not working

I am working on a FTP App where need to get current date file but somehow dynamic selector is not working

varDate = “MTVA”+today.AddDays(-1).ToString(“MMddyyyy”)+“.TXT”

Click activity Selector : “”

Below is highlighted image where wanted to click

Please suggest !!
Thanks in advance

Hello @mittal.abhishek
Kindly share the error which you facing.

Try this
varDate = “MTVA”+datetime.now.AddDays(-1).ToString(“MMddyyyy”)+“.TXT”

HI @mittal.abhishek

Try like this
varDate = “MTVA”+Now.AddDays(-1).ToString(“MMddyyyy”)+“.TXT”



Plz write the value in a console and check the value that you are getting.

There should not be any extra spaces . If yes, you need to use Trim to remove the spaces.