Dynamic selector in CV

This selector works:

“Target: Text ‘100’ (2,149,10,15)”

But it can no longer find the element:


“Target: Text ’ " + myVar + " ’ (2,149,10,15)”

What is wrong?

Hi @Gabriel_Isman

Did you try myVar.ToString?

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Also i see any extra space after and before the single quotes on both sides…it should be ‘100’ not ‘ 100 ‘


Hi @Gabriel_Isman

make sure that you variable is type string, if not then add the string convert at the end like YourVar.ToString

Thanks a lot!

Yes, that was the reason: extra space after and before the single quote. I also had to use myVar.ToString.

Btw. are those numbers really important? It works even if I put other numbers like:

“Target: Text '”+myVar.ToString()+“’ (10,10,10,10)”



They are more like coradinates on the element…they are used. Secondarily…for finding the element…yes it might work…first priority would be the text element…next is the area given in the descriptor…to more tightly lock it we cna use those values same…

Else as you said even changing them would work…but better keep it to a near point so that it is more concentrate in one place if needed

Hope this helps


The point is that I don’t know these numbers, they are dynamic.



Sometimes I must select 2, sometimes I must select 4 and so on.

I also don’t know how many numbers are displayed. Sometimes there are 3 numbers, sometimes 11 numbers for instance.

Fortunately every number will appear only ONCE. That’s why it’s always found, although those “coordinates” of course differ.

Btw. a new question: how could I find out these “coordinates” for every number?


Indicate each of them…the selector contains them…

Its not dependent on number if number comes in only one place then its a static co ordinate…else it differs for number to number

Yes thats why you are using variables inplace of originalnumber

You can decrease the text accuracy and if you are confident of coordinates then you can use them as well


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The coordinates only matter if you have anchors. The coordinates supply the information of the relation(s) between the target and each anchor.

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