Issue with dynamic selector - Assignment 3


I am trying to make a dynamic selector to work. I have been able to download the reports; but it seems the Upload page works differently. You could see in following image, one of the tries.
I have tried including the .ToString(), but with no luck. Also, I have included double quotes at the beginning and end, with same result

Any help would be appreciated,

Hey, ru using the correct quotes?

it should be ’ “+in_Year.ToString+ " ’ . Outer should be single(’) and inner is double quotes(”)


That is the way I am using them.


OK do One thing, click the textbox next to the selector under target and delete <. Next when u click three dots beside the selector textbox, a Expression Editor window should open rather than “Selector Editor”. here write the ‘"+in_Year.ToString+"’ and it should appear as it is . it must not convert to ‘"+in_Year.ToString"’.

Now u need to add the < that we deleted before. see the screenshots below.

If I click 3 dots, Selector window opens, we dont want this.

Now delete the < in the textbox beside the selector under target.

Now click the 3 dots, Expression editor shud open.

Now write your aaname. Iam writing only aaname as example, you need to write everything thats required like parentid, etc. And also add the < after the first ".

Now click OK. SO now if u click the 3 dots again, you shud be able to see aaname as ‘"+in_Year.ToString+"’ and not ‘"+in_Year.ToString"’.

Try this, hope this helps.

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