Insert variable between text

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I have attribute in selector like :
colname=‘ABC|01| INV-022|[International]’, here i want to replace only invoice number i.e, INV-022 from some variable.can some one let me know how to insert variable name in the selector making sure that only the first part : ABC|01| and second part and second part are replace with * because these may change frequetnly like in second part of string |[International]’ this might chage to Domestic. Same might happen with first part ABC|01| as well .

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it can be like this

colname=‘*{{your variable name}}*’

A dynamic selector has the following form, with the specifications:

  • tag - the target tag, such as <ctrl/>
  • attribute - the target attribute, such as name='menuItem'
  • {{Value}} - the name of the variable or argument which holds the property of the element you want to interact with

Dynamic Selector Format:


<tag attribute=<code>{{Value}}</code> />

For more details - Studio - Dynamic Selectors

Cheers @shivarajvp555